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Harrier shop

Below you can buy a range of books and other items related to the Harrier, many used in the creation of this site. Click on an item to view further details, including reviews, prices and availability.

All items are available for purchase from, our online partner, many at discounted prices. Search using the box at left for items you cannot find below.

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Titles marked * were used in the research for this site and come highly recommended by us. All books have significant Harrier-related content, even if their titles do not at first indicate this.

Harrier: Inside and Out by Mark Atrill

Paperback 96 pages (25 October, 2002) Publisher: The Crowood Press

Modelling the Harrier I and II by Glen Ashley and Robert Oehler

Paperback 80 pages (26 September, 2003) Publisher: Osprey


Sea Harrier Over the Falklands* by Commander 'Sharkey' Ward

Paperback 400 pages (7 December, 2000) Publisher: Cassell Military


The Harrier Story* by Peter E. Davies & Anthony M. Thornborough

Hardcover 255 pages (1 March, 1997) Publisher: Cassell Military


Jet Fighter: The Harrier AV-8B by Julie Beyer

Paperback 48 pages (1 September, 2000) Publisher: Children's Press (CT)

No Escape Zone* by Nick Richardson

Paperback 313 pages (7 June, 2001) Publisher: Time Warner Paperbacks


BAe/McDonnell Douglas Harrier (Aviation Notebook)* by Stewart Wilson

Paperback 48 pages (1 December, 2000) Publisher: Notebook Publications

Harrier Jump Jet (Press-out and Build)

Paperback 24 pages (1 July, 2003) Publisher: Top That Publishing Plc


BAe/McDonnell Douglas Harrier * by Andy Evans

Hardcover 191 pages (27 April, 1998) Publisher: The Crowood Press

Boeing/BAe Harrier (Warbird Tech Series) * by Dennis R. Jenkins

Paperback 100 pages (1 July, 1999) Publisher: Airlife Publishing


British Secret Projects: Jet Bombers since 1949 * by Tony Buttler

Hardcover 176 pages (March 2003) Publisher: Midland Publishing

British Secret Projects: Jet Fighters since 1950 * by Tony Buttler

Hardcover 176 pages (August 2000) Publisher: Midland Publishing


Jump Jets: The AV-8B Harriers by Bill Sweetman

Library Binding 32 pages (1 January, 2002) Publisher: Capstone High-Interest Books

Cherry Point: Can Do and Harrier II by Steve Mansfield

Paperback 127 pages (23 March, 1989) Publisher: Osprey

Harrier by John Dibbs and Tony Holmes

Paperback 128 pages (29 October, 1992) Publisher: Osprey

Harrier - the Vertical Reality * by Roy Braybrook

Paperback 159 pages (29 July, 1996) Publisher: Cassell military

How They Work: Harrier Jump Jet by Frank Vann

Hardcover (1 February, 1990) Publisher: Bdd Promotional Book Co

Sea Harrier and AV-8B * by Robert Jackson

Hardcover 159 pages (16 March, 1989) Publisher: Blandford

Sydney Camm and the Hurricane * edited by Dr John W. Fozard

Hardcover (1 August, 1991) Publisher: Smithsonian Inst. Press

BAe Harrier and Sea Harrier * by Roy Braybrook

Hardcover 192 pages (May 1984) Publisher: Osprey

The Sharp End: Sea Harrier Front Line * by Neil Mercer

Paperback 111 pages (1 November, 1995) Publisher: Airlife Publishing

Modern Combat Aircraft 13: Harrier * by Bill Gunston

Hardcover 128 pages (September 1982) Publisher: Ian Allan

Harrier by Bill Sweetman and J. Goulding

Board book 48 pages (May 1984) Publisher: Jane's Pub. Co.

Harrier: Ski-jump to Victory * edited by John Godden

Hardcover 128 pages (September 1982) Publisher: Ian Allan

Harrier at War * by Dr Alfred Price

Hardcover 120 pages (November 1984) Publisher: Ian Allan

Jump Jet: the Revolutionary V/STOL fighter * by Bruce Myles

Hardcover 262 pages (February 1979) Publisher: Brassey's

Aircraft Illustrated Special: Harrier by D. Calvert

Paperback 64 pages (1994) Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing Ltd

V/STOL: The Key to Survival * by Roy Braybrook

Hardcover 244 pages (March 1989) Publisher: Osprey

Harrier GR3: From the Cockpit by Michael Shaw

Paperback 80 pages (1988) Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing Ltd

McDonnell Douglas Harrier AV-8 by Mike Spick

Hardcover 48 pages (18 July, 1991) Publisher: Salamander Books

Warbirds Illustrated: Number 20: Harrier by Michael J. Gething

Paperback 72 pages (31 December, 1983) Publisher: Cassell military

Sea Harrier Aeroguide by Roger Chesnau and R.L. Rimell

Paperback 40 pages (March 1984) Publisher: Linewrights

Harrier * by Francis K. Mason

Paperback 240 pages (18 August, 1986) Publisher: P Stephens

World Air Power Journal: Focus Aircraft Harrier

Hardcover (July 1991) Publisher: Aerospace Publishing

AV-8 Harrier

Paperback (1 March, 1996) Publisher: Squadron/Signal Pubns

Air Strike 1:Sea Harrier

Unknown Binding (31 August, 1992) Publisher: Ian Allan

Harrier GR.3/T.4 Aeroguide by Roger Chesnau

Paperback 36 pages (12 May, 1986) Publisher: Linewrights

Harrier GR5 and GR7 Aeroguide by Roger Chesnau

Paperback 40 pages (1 June, 1990) Publisher: Linewrights

BAe Harrier in Action by Don Linn

Paperback 50 pages (January 1983) Publisher: Squadron / Signal Publications

The Jet V/STOL Harrier: An Evolutionary Revolution in Tactical Air Power * by Dr John W. Fozard

Paperback (1 June, 1993) Publisher: AIAA

British Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas AV-8A/B Harrier by William D.Siuru

Paperback 103 pages (1985) Publisher: Aero

AV-8 Harrier: In Detail and Scale by Don Linn

Paperback (1 July, 1988) Publisher: Kalmbach Pub Co

AV-8 Harrier by Bert Kinzey

Paperback 64 pages (May 1988) Publisher: Airlife

Sea Harrier by Derek Bunce

Paperback 12 pages (9 July, 1987) Publisher: Mammoth

Modern Fighting Aircraft: Harrier * by Bill Gunston

Hardcover 64 pages (1 May, 1984) Publisher: Salamander Books



Attack Force - The Harrier
Dd Video 1990
VHS Tape
Hawker Siddeley Harrier
Castle Home Video
VHS Tape
Famous Planes - Harrier / Tornado
Dd Video
VHS Tape - 18 May, 1998
Action Stations Sea Harrier
Video Collection Int. Ltd.
VHS Tape - 10 September, 1990
Harrier - The Vertical Reality
Onyx Productions 1996
VHS Tape
Harrier - The Ultimate Profile
Dd Video
VHS Tape - 16 March, 1998
Air Strike - Sea Harrier
VHS Tape

Games & Toys

Harrier Jump Jet: 2002 Version (FS2000, FS2002 and Combat Flight Sim 1 & 2)
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98
Just Flight 22 March, 2002
Harrier Jump Jet: Flight Sim and Combat Flight Sim 2 Add-on
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98
Just Flight 10 May, 2001
BAe Harrier GR 7
Large Set  
Airfix Limited


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