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Although we aim to be the most comprehensive Harrier website, we know there are many other excellent sites around. This page allows you to link to them easily, with the various sites listed below. If you have a site you want listed, get in touch via our Contact page. If, in return, you want to display our banner then feel free!

Where possible the main link goes to the relevant Harrier dedicated page. All links open in a new browser window - to return to simply close the new window. In brackets are links to specific pages on each site additional to the main link. These are:-

H - homepage; G - gallery page; M - movie footage; L - links page




Many of the operators of the Harrier have web sites outlining their experiences with the aircraft. From both service and squadron level, these sites give a valuable first hand view from the people who know.




The companies that have built and updated the Harrier maintain sites that allow both technical and other information to be gleaned, as well as showing the aircraft as a piece of international engineering.

Boeing (H, M, G)



You do not have to be a Harrier professional to build a good Harrier site - although some of those below are. These links are to unofficial pages maintained by Harrier enthusiasts around the world.

A single page with history, pictures and links to user sites.
Site dedicated to the AV-8B, with wealth of links to USMC sites etc.
Part of David Hastings comprehensive military aviation site.
Flintham's Harrier & Kestrel
Two pages from V. Flintham featuring some of his own photographs. Lt. Col. David Gurney, commanding officer of the USMC's VMA-513, has his own site featuring a look at life in a front line AV-8B unit.
Naval & Airforce Technology
Two pages looking at the Sea Harrier and Harrier II plus respectively. Includes several pictures on each.
Czech language page of English/Czech site. They also provide our gallery page images.
A site that angles heavily towards the Harrier II - pages are fairly 'dynamic' when downloaded
The website of the UK-based Harrier scale model special interest group. Includes galleries of Harrier model pictures and extensive resources for modellers.



From the TSR.2 to the JSF, the Falklands to the Gulf, the Harrier has been a part of a wider history. We bring you the links to help put the aircraft in context, both in the past and in the present

A site looking at the F4 Phantom II, but including pages on Sea Harrier operations and Joint Force Harrier.
Brief history of the company that originated the P.1127/Harrier family.
Website of the official body that controls thr Joint Strike Fighter program
Short biography of the man who led the Hawker design team for forty years.
The story of American naval aviation, including the place of the USMC AV-8 within it.
IVHS Website of the International V/STOL Historical Society, looking to catalogue the world's V/STOL projects.
The 'AirNet' Website Howard Curtis' fantastic site has links to just about every aviation site on the Web!


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