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RAF Harrier Game

This game is hosted on the RAF careers website - you can access it (via us) below.

Mission: A major air offensive is being planned against British forces. The enemy air force headquarters are in the operations centre at their main airbase. Your mission is to destroy the operations centre before the offensive can begin.

Fly your Harrier GR.7 as low as you can to avoid detection by radar and the AAA fire. On your approach to the target area you will encounter an enemy communications centre. You must destroy this building before moving on to attack on the main airbase - destroy all the base installations except the hospital. If you start to leave the target area your autopilot will re-direct you back in.

Controls: Use your mouse to move the on-screen arrow to control your direction. Your speed can be controlled using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, with your current speed indicated by a dial at the lower left of the game screen. Fire your rockets using the left mouse button - you have unlimited rounds.

System Requirements: Windows 98/2000/NT4 - MAC OS 8.6 or higher - Pentium II or III 266MHz or higher - 32 MB System RAM - 100% Direct Sound Compatible Sound Card.

This game requires Flash Player to work.

Click here to play - the game will be shown in a new browser window.



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