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Seeing a Harrier hovering nearby is not an experience that many people forget. Indeed, many service personnel comment that even though they are familiar with the sight it still astonishes them. On this page you will be able to find details of places you can see Harriers, currently a list of museums but soon to include airshows, open days and gate guardians..



The museums listed below are divided by country/continent. Where there is a link from the museum name it is to the museum's homepage - links to Harrier specific pages are from the descriptive text.


United Kingdom

Two aircraft of interest, former company two-seat demonstrator Harrier G-VTOL and sixth P.1127 XP984. The former is housed in a hangar, with the opportunity on most days to sit in the cockpit and learn more from a dedicated guide and display. XP984 is currently displayed outside the famous Brooklands Clubhouse.
Two Harrier GR.3s, XW763 and XZ133
Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.
AV-8A serial no. 159233 and Sea Harrier 'FRS.1' - the latter is in fact a GR.3 fuselage with an FRS.1 nose as all RN FRS.1s were converted to F/A.2 standard.
Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 XZ997. One of the RAF Harriers that flew from HMS Hermes during the Falklands War.
The first P.1127, XP831, is displayed in the main flight hall alongside a sectioned Pegasus engine. Also on display on the ground floor are a Shorts SC.1 and the Rolls-Royce 'Flying Bedstead'.

United States

Air-Sea-Space Museum, USS Intrepid, NY.
AV-8C serial no. 159232. On deck-edge elevator of this carrier anchored on the west side of Manhattan.
First AV-8B built, serial no. 161396.
Pima County Air Museum
AV-8A serial no. 159241 - stored outdoors.
Kestrel (XV-6A) NASA 521 (Air Force serial no. 64-18263). This aircraft is a combination of the fuselage of Kestrel XS689 and the wing of XS694.


Luftwaffenmuseum, Berlin
Third P.1127(RAF) XV278. Stored in the open.


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