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Don't just read about the Harrier - now you can discuss it too! Our message board enables you to read, post and reply to messages from other site visitors. Anyone can read the discussions, but you will need to register a username and password to post and reply. Check out the features below, read the conditions of use and then log on!


  • The board can have up to 300 messages. When the limit is reached, the oldest messages get deleted automatically. So it is better to post one long message than several short ones.
  • You can use emoticons if you want - see the full list of options.
  • A full search ability is incorporated - no need to trawl through messages.
  • The message board is not hosted by us but on the servers of a company called Boards2Go. As this service is provided free to users its costs are covered by adverisements. These take the form of banners on the board itself and pop-up adverts that will open in a new browser window when you go to the message board.

Conditions of Use

1. This message board is provided for users of to discuss the Harrier aircraft and related issues. Users remain responsible at all times for the any legal consequences of material they may post on the boards and agree to indemnify against any such consequences.

2. The following content is not allowed on the message board:

  • Material that libels any person, group of people or organisation.
  • Material that is classified, secret or otherwise restricted on security grounds.
  • Material with a sexual, violent, racial or other discriminatory or derogatory content.
  • Material that seeks to use the message board for commercial gain.
  • Material that does not bear any relation to the main content of

3. If any user does not use the message board in a responsible and considerate manner, including posting the types of material in 2 above, they will have their access removed by This in no way invalidates the undertaking of personal responsiblity for consequences stated in 1 above.

4. has no duty to provide this message board and related services and have no responsibilty for the loss of any material that users may post on the board.

By registering as a user of the message board you are agreeing to the above conditions of use.

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